First post revisited

I was looking back over what has been said on the site since I started posting (not as frequently as I should tbh) and I noticed the first post I made, where we were discussing the initial pricing and how Sony were going to face off against Microsoft.

Free repairs for all?

Microsoft have pretty much opened themselves to litigation by anyone who wants to make themselves a name or a few pennies by installing a new heatsink in xbox 360s, at the moment the new dual layout has only been witnessed in consoles that have have seen the rings of death and have then been returned …


Ring of Fire

    PGR4 is going to be killer in more ways than one. Despite the President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division saying the 360 will be profitable next year, MS is going to find itself in a whole new world of finacial hurt in the next 6-12 months… Why? you may ask, the answer …