First post revisited

I was looking back over what has been said on the site since I started posting (not as frequently as I should tbh) and I noticed the first post I made, where we were discussing the initial pricing and how Sony were going to face off against Microsoft.

Welcome To The Grand Delusion

As we saw coming microsoft finally was forced to come out with the truth about xbox 360 faults. Here’s a breakdown of our analysis of this problem going forward. A major reason MS has not acknowledged the problem till now is that they don’t know how to fix it without designing a whole new console. …


Ring of Death Endemic to 360

  Micromart a console repair company in the UK have recently announced via their website that they are no longer repairing Xbox 360s’ that have the Ring of Death, the influx of machines was so great that they couldn’t keep up with the load, and have now stated that it is endemic (to save you looking …


Free repairs for all?

Microsoft have pretty much opened themselves to litigation by anyone who wants to make themselves a name or a few pennies by installing a new heatsink in xbox 360s, at the moment the new dual layout has only been witnessed in consoles that have have seen the rings of death and have then been returned …