Welcome To The Grand Delusion

As we saw coming microsoft finally was forced to come out with the truth about xbox 360 faults. Here’s a breakdown of our analysis of this problem going forward.

A major reason MS has not acknowledged the problem till now is that they don’t know how to fix it without designing a whole new console. They are basically on the precipice of losing the whole console business, even the 360 elites are failing, it’s an inherently flawed design.

So far what we’ve seen as the their new “solution” is some repaired consoles coming back with FRANKENSINKS cobbled onto the graphics processor heatsink, what I find particularly amusing about this is it’s the kind of solution some tinkerer would do in his woodshed on the weekend. But like the weekend modder’s frankenfix these mods are not going to fix the problem. The idea I suppose is to pull just enough heat away from the gpu that there is no catastrophic failure on the motherboard around it, but this is a bandaid at best, what you have now is the heat being pumped into the cpu & power regulating capacitor area, I can tell you from experience when you heat up those cheap ass power regulating capacitors they will fail over time, oh and it also assumes it’s going to cool down the gpu which is dodgy since the heat has little place to go since the xbox is simply not venting enough heat.

What’s going to happen?

New games will tax the 360 more and more(see PGR4 upcoming), installed 360′s will get dustier and dustier and overheated components will get weaker and weaker. Xbox 360′s will continue to fail! and probably at a ever increasing rate. frankensink will not do.

How will this be played out?

The only fix for the xbox 360 is a new, better designed case or motherboard, I believe sometime soon we will start to see repaired 360′s with redesigned motherboards or cases(whichever is cheapest to implement)

If you are thinking of intentionally bricking your 360 to get the new heatsink I say wait till they come up with some real fix then brick it and get one that’ll be around for a few years ;)

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