360 warranty extended to 3 years for the rings of death

Well it had to happen, back in May we called out Microsofts 360 for being a dead machine playing in fact here’s a couple of quotes from the article:-

The answer is console utilisation, we all know that the 360 can be used as a heater in a small room already… Dead Rising pushed the machine that bit further than other titles at the time which lead to more work which meant more power draw which lead to more heat being generated thus causing the PCB warping which leads to the Rings of Death.

There are muted reports of the Forza demo causing issues with peoples 360s and I’d bet when that title is released it will cause more than a few 360 deaths. 

Their are muted reports of the Forza demo causing issues with peoples 360s and I’d bet when that title is released it will cause more than a few 360 deaths.

No one noticed us saying these things, but we did and in June when we stumbled across the article at xbox-scene about a new GPU heat sink we posted again about the reliability of the 360 :-

Microsoft have pretty much opened themselves to litigation by anyone who wants to make themselves a name or a few pennies by installing a new heatsink in xbox 360s.

If they become as widespread as we think they are going to be we wouldn’t be suprised if Microsoft is going to have to offer the repairs for free in the near future as by implimenting this new system they have pretty much admitted to a systemic fault within the construction of the unit.

Today Microsoft announce in an open letter that the Warranty on any xbox 360 will be extended to 3 years from the date of purchase for any faults relating to the ring of death. Big of them you might say we say BULLSHIT!!! CNN ran this report which shows Microsoft has taken a $1 billion loss to rectify it’s faulty hardware, which is probably going to be cheaper for them in the long run as it was getting to the point where people were going to be able to take the to court with enough evidence that the console was not fit for sale which is why they had started adding a new heatsink to the gpu in recent repairs.

Anybody who has paid for a repair for a ring of death experience will be refunded, which is the least they can do after all the BS they spouted about 360 faults being inline with industry standards, Finally Sony has something to be proud of a machine that’s reliable, and the fact that they haven’t lied to their customers since their machine has been out unlike an unnamed blogger (um major nelson) Peter Moore and several other guys.

Microsoft your credibilty is lying in tatters at your feet, what are you going to do about it???


  1. My xbox 360 showed the red rings of death when turning it on on the last day of my week off (31st july 2007) .I had been playing the recently realeased game “the darkness” which is slick and graphically brilliant compared to other new titles. As an avid gamer this is the first games machine that has broken down on me. I have had a spectrum 128k/master system/mega drive/ps1/ps2/n64/xbox and have never had an issue with the hardware of the product. To say that I am miffed is an understatment. To top it of microsofts’ customer service befits that of a poorly run corner shop selling out of date products when asking for a refund. Is there an industry watchdog that can hold ‘soft to account, if so why is no action being undertaken. Regards “Densedog”

  2. Thanks for popping by Densedog, I’ve emailed you a response about getting yourself a refund.

    As to taking Microsoft to court over the matter, the simple fact is we can prove that there was a systemic fault with the 360, unfortunately Microsoft have owned up to this problem and are sorting it free of charge thus their is nothing to actually gain by taking legal action against them. Kinda sucks but that’s where we stand… if they continued charging for repairs it’d of been a different matter…

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