Ring of Death Endemic to 360


xbox-360_rrodMicromart a console repair company in the UK have recently announced via their website that they are no longer repairing Xbox 360s’ that have the Ring of Death, the influx of machines was so great that they couldn’t keep up with the load, and have now stated that it is endemic (to save you looking it up it’s “characteristic of”, or “prevalent in”) the 360.

To top that off, this report quoting retailers reporting a failure rate on the xbox 360 of upto 30% and things don’t sound to rosey in the house of M$ but that’s not the worst of it, I really wish it was but Micromart aren’t the only repair centre who can’t keep up with repairing Xbox 360s’… Can you guess who else is having problems?

That’s right its … Microsoft!!! Found over on 360 Gamer it seems Microsoft’s Havant based repair center in the UK is swamped in for repairs and machines are being shipped out to European repair centres for repair WTF??? When will Microsoft own up to a fault in the machine, offer to sort all the issues related to the ring of death for free rather than hide behind the manta of “Let’s not concentrate on the faults but on the customer service in getting it repaired”.

I think it’s time to call Microsoft out on this anyone else think it’s time they own up to releasing hardware not fit for sale?

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