Ring of Fire


A cooler 360?

A cooler 360?


PGR4 is going to be killer in more ways than one. Despite the President of Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division saying the 360 will be profitable next year, MS is going to find itself in a whole new world of finacial hurt in the next 6-12 months… Why? you may ask, the answer is simple and it came to me while looking at this article over on xbox360.qj.net (for those of you who can’t be bothered to look it’s the latest batch of PGR4 screens), why would those fine looking screenshots lead too Microsoft being in a larger financial quagmire than it already finds itself?

The answer is console utilisation, we all know that the 360 can be used as a heater in a small room already, but what’s going to happen when we have games that actually start pushing the hardware? Back when Dead Rising was released people were claiming that the demo / full game killed their 360s’ and you know what they may of been right… Dead Rising pushed the machine that bit further than other titles at the time which lead to more work which meant more power draw which lead to more heat being generated thus causing the PCB warping which leads to the Rings of Death. Their are muted reports of the Forza demo causing issues with peoples 360s and I’d bet when that title is released it will cause more than a few 360 deaths. Clearly the 360 hardware is teetering on the edge of failure at the best of times. Going back to the opening statement and the article that brought this idea to mind, PGR4 is going to be one of the most impressive looking titles on the 360 (along side GoW which also caused issues) and with the weather simulation being thrown in as well we could see a whole load (more) 360′s ending up on ebay, the graveyard of ring of death 360′s. It’s only going to get worse with the next generation of games start taxing the 360s’ CPUs and GPU more, if I’m right we could see Microsoft on the end of a lawsuit regarding the hardware not being suitable for the purposes sold / having an inherent defect in consuction. Which could cost them dear.

Edit from TigerMM: A bit of background on Frontieruk the author and owner of this site, if you think he’s a doomsayer or closet sony fanboy(aka a pimply 14 year old) the author is a 20year gaming veteran who has had 6 yes 6 360′s fail on him, but he still loves the 360 experience and games. So bitter disappoint hasn’t set in yet but I’m sure he’ll crack one day and go postal!!!


  1. Just switched my 360 on to play the new dirt demo. I was playing and the screen went a light pink color. I switched it off to see if it was just a glitch in the game. Now all I get is an error message and a red light in the corner of the ring.

  2. You say you have an error message if it’s one of these

    It’s a HDD failure, try taking the HDD off and reconnecting it, this can sometimes solve the problem, if not, it’s either the Store to replace / purchase a new HDD or call Xbox customer torture service.

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