ps3 the long term bet?

Ok so this is my first proper post, except it isn’t really, it’s an excerpt from a conversation I was having with a friend about the PS3 European launch, we jump into the coversation with my friend looking at PS3 ebay auctions in the US

michael: was curious to see what ps3 auctions are going for, this just ended, $100 less than retail and there was a game with it lol
new $40 less than retail no takers
michael: a lot of barely used ones up for sale

Pete: no one wants them (PS3)
no games, hd is pointless without hd tvs’

It might run cooler or quieter than current models, which sucks for those who’ve saved a shitload on their heating bills just from playing Lost Planet all winter.
about the 360 elite

michael: they will buy them, but not for anything near retail
shows the price needs to be at least $100 cheaper
any differences between ps3 and 360 are acedemic, it’s down to the programmers, the real thing is why spend $200 more on ps3 when you can get the same game experience on 360 heh

Pete: i think in 5 years, sony’s machine may show it has a little more under the bonnet processor wise (gfx they are about the same I believe)

michael: maybe, but they need games now ;)
and as i said before sony will be strong in the long run

Pete: problem is I can see m$ getting stronger, simply due to the installed userbase

Our impressions as it stands at the moment :-
Sony :-

    have priced themselves out of the market for the moment
    have a larger market appeal
    may have more legs at the end of this generation.

Microsoft :-

    Priced themselves correctly, though the new SKU could be a tad pricey
    Can’t break the hardcore gamer circle they’ve built
    Needs to make themselves more appealing to more gamers
    Probably needs to price drop soon, try to keep in touch with the Wii

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